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#1. What are the first names of Ross and Monica’s parents in Friends?

#2. Which 2 person board game has 12 triangles on each side of the board?

#3. Non-Alcoholic beers usually contain as much alcohol as which type of fruit?

#4. What was the first craft brewery to set up in Bermondsey? Starting off the Bermondsey Beer Mile.

#5. Name the acclaimed trilogy directed by Francis Ford Coppola

#6. In the second film of Disney’s Mighty Ducks trilogy, which country does Team USA face off against in the final match?

#7. Which beer famously has a blue 5 posted star on its label?

#8. What is added to a Croque Monsieur to make it a Croque Madame

#9. The Bahamas is made up of how many islands?

#10. Oyster Kilpatrick is a dish best associated with which country?

#11. Bash Nite is an anagram of what Swiss alcohol?

#12. What’s older, Google or Apple?

#13. What is the most northern capital city in Europe?

#14. On the cover of Abbey Road, in what order (left to right) are the Beatles crossing the zebra crossing?

#15. Which Irish comedian wrote and applied in Channel 4’s “This Way Up”?

#16. What is the UK's oldest surviving brewery?

#17. What is England's official national sport?

#18. What was the first published book by Stephen King?

#19. Which 2 US states are not connected to the rest of the country?

Select all that apply:

#20. Who created and wrote the political drama “The West Wing”?



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