Time for a cheeky XPA? We’re listed nationwide in Nando’s.

We are joining Nando's new drinks menu across all 380 restaurants in England, Wales and Scotland. Our light and tropical XPA is paired with the PERi-PERi Hot spice on the menu - and we can testify that it tastes fantastic, folks.

 We are delighted to be the first, and only, craft ale to be included in the new Nando’s drinks menu. Launched at the beginning of July this year, our XPA joins Freedom Pils as two new craft beer offerings on the menu’s updated beer selection.

Tastes are changing, and customer palates are demanding an ever expanding array of great quality, well-made and flavoursome drinks. We feel that it’s fantastic that dining chains like Nando’s are recognising the appeal of craft beer, and wanting to support independent breweries like ours when seeking new beers.

For us, crucially, it’s an amazing opportunity to bring great, tasty beer to a much wider audience. Nando’s are an institution much loved by the nation; to introduce their diverse and varied customer base to craft beer by way of our our XPA is really incredibly exciting.

Nando’s company values are pride, passion, courage, integrity and, most of all, family. Their restaurants are family friendly, accessible and welcoming. They are incredibly proud of their provenance and creating creating flavourful, consistently tasty quality products in an accessible way – much like ourselves.

We have, unsurprisingly, spent a great deal of time enjoying a Nando’s over the past few months. We also hosted some of the Nando’s team for a brewery tour and beer tasting back in April, and for both of us, it felt like a great fit of two different businesses, but with a lot in common.

Five Points XPA paired with the PERi-PERi Hot spice is a cracking fit, too.

Bom apetite!