We’ve Hit Target On Our Hackney Half Fundraiser!

This year, the Five Points Run Crew ran the Hackney Half for our charity partner, Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest.
We're delighted to announce that by running the half-marathon race, we have raised over £3,500 for the charity so far!

Each year, we partner with two local causes to support through fundraising campaigns, charity events, and beer donations, and for the first 6 months of the year we have worked with the awesome Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

The mental health charity provides support services, well-being groups and networks, training and education, and so much more, to thousands of people in our local area. So far this year, Five Points has worked with Mind CHWF to host a Hackney Beer Hop, organise a comedy night at our pub The Pembury Tavern called Stand Up for Mental Health, and now, run the Hackney Half Marathon!

With our fundraising page soon closing (you can still donate, though!) we’re delighted to have raised over £3,500 for the charity. While our run was a great way to support our charity partner, it was also a great way that we could promote exercise as a positive for our own mental health. Especially for those of us working around so much alcohol…

Good for the Mind, Good for the Soul

As many of us know, it can sometimes be hard to get out and exercise. Especially when the sun is shining, there’s often the temptation to enjoy a beer with your colleagues after you finish, or head to park to catch some rays with a cold can in hand. Yet, exercise is an incredible way to manage stress and set positive goals for ourselves.

While beer and sports might not always seem like the perfect pairing, there are some breweries doing a fantastic job in combining active lifestyles and beer. Like the Mikkeller Running Club, who have been leading the way to a rewarding beer post-run, all across the world!

So, on that note, we’ve asked some of the Five Points Run Crew about their motivations behind running the Half, what this meant for their drinking habits, mental health, and overall well-being

The team of runners came from all parts of the business and their running experience ranges from complete beginners to marathon runners, showcasing all abilities, united in their aspiration to run the Hackney Half for their charity partner this year.

Greg Hobbs, Head Brewer

“Having never really run before, I nervously accepted the Hackney Half challenge.

Before I knew, it I was actually enjoying the training as a way to relax and clear my mind. This is something I’ve continued to take advantage of ever since.”

Matt Johnson, Production Brewer

“It was such a boost seeing just how many people came out to support the runners, and the cheers from the Mind team at mile 8 really pushed me on!

I ended up beating my target time, so the truly delightful post-race can of Pale tasted even sweeter.”

Gregory Prichard, Sales & Administration Assistant

“Sticking to my training plan allowed me to easily resist the temptations of a “cheeky beer after work”.

I personally find exercise so stress-relieving, and a great way to relax and unwind after long days sat behind a desk.”

Rebecca Pate, Beer Writer and Beer Sommelier

“Being able to run with a group of friends makes it even more meaningful as we can celebrate each other’s successes afterwards.

Running is also hobby for me, and a very important part of keeping my body healthy and my anxieties in check.”

John Palmer, Bartender at The Pembury Tavern

“Running the Hackney Half got me exercising at a time I had changed my lifestyle, and with people to compare training regimes and generally support each other. 

Having now completed the half marathon, I’m now looking for other challenges to maintain my physical and mental health… whilst keeping beer drinking in check!”

Matthew Curtis, Beer Writer and Journalist

“Running has been huge for helping manage my stress, anxiety and depression.

I don’t talk about my mental health a lot because I find it very personal, but running has been the best therapy for me by far.”


(Photo of Matt credited to Theresa Undine!)

Simon Pipola, Beer Merchants Tap

“We are so fortunate to have London Fields, Vicky Park and the Olympic Park on our doorsteps in East London. Get out and use them – you’ll always feel better afterwards.”

Thanks to the Beer Merchants Team for raising £500 for our fund for Mind CHWF!

Aiah Yambasu, Finance Manager (and former sprinter for Sierra Leone!)

“I didn’t think I would finish at first, but then… I thoroughly enjoyed it! The atmosphere was electric and the energy from people was infectious. The route felt like a street party from start to finish.

Knowing it was for a good cause like mental health made it all worthwhile.”

Claudia Mayne, Marketing Manager

“When the idea of running the Hackney Half as a Five Points crew was first mooted, I wasn’t sure how many of us would be up for the challenge…

However, by the time we left The Pembury Tavern that evening, there were 10 of us signed-up.  3 months later, we were enjoying a beer together post-race. Everyone absolutely killed it.”

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us hit target and achieve this incredible achievement for Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest! Your donations really mean a lot to us.

If you’d like to donate, there’s still time! Just head over to our JustGiving page.

We can’t wait for next year. Who’s in?